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Veterans and transitioning military | VA Careers

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Veterans and transitioning military | VA Careers

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We’re here anytime, day or night – 24/7

If you are a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one, connect with our caring, qualified responders for confidential help. Many of them are Veterans themselves.

Get more resources at VeteransCrisisLine.net.

We have an unwavering commitment to supporting Veterans and transitioning military personnel, and that includes helping you build a rewarding career here at VA. We give Veterans and those exiting the military hiring preference for many available jobs.  

Find your career

The first place to start looking for a career at VA is on USAJOBS, the federal jobs board. Narrow your search by selecting the Veterans hiring path to find jobs that are open to those who have served. 

Intermediate Care Technician Program

Calling all former military corpsmen, medical technicians, and combat medics! Apply to our Intermediate Care Technician (ICT) Program and put your health care skills to work as an integral part of the medical team at a VA Medical Center.  

We hire ICTs in virtually every clinical setting including emergency departments, critical care, primary care, specialty care, and surgical services. 

Search for a position as an Intermediate Care Technician, nurse assistant or health technician today. For more information, email the National Recruitment Center. 

Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 4th Mission Portal

The FY23 National Defense Authorization Act provides a method for Veterans who served in a medical occupation, while serving in the armed forces, to provide personal contact and medical training/experience information. VA can use this information to facilitate its 4th mission — which is to respond to a national public health emergency, including those declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services under the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C 247d). This information may be shared with partnering federal agencies as identified in Public Law 117-263, Section 5127(a) (i.e. Health and Human Services, Department of Defense, Public Health Service).

Note: This portal is for support of our emergency response mission in a national health emergency. Signing up does not initiate employment consideration with VA.

Your medical training and experience can be critical to enhance health care services, internal and external to VA.

Sign up for the FY23 NDAA

ICT nursing checking on a patient

Working at the VA…it pretty much changed my life. It helped me to be myself, and reconnect with the way I was.

David Velazquez
Medical Support Assistant

Promoted jobs for Veterans and transitioning military

We value the special skills and unique perspective you developed during your service. Here are some of the most popular careers for Veterans at VA. 


Join our law enforcement team and make a difference keeping Veterans and their families safe at VA medical facilities and sites around the country. Around 90% of VA police officers are Veterans.  

Medical support assistants

Provide administrative support, connect Veterans with VA providers, and allow us to carry out day-to-day operations in support of Veterans.  

Environmental services

Help Veterans get better fast by keeping facilities clean and safe for patients, staff, and visitors. Work alongside fellow Veterans, who make up 85% of our custodial staff. 

Additional resources to set you on the right path

If you are leaving the military, a Veteran, or an active Reserve or National Guard member, get more career help and resources below. 

Veteran Employment Services Office (VESO) 

Email the Veterans Employment Services Office (VESO) for guidance on pursuing a career at VA.  

Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) 

Find other helpful employment resources, including a military skills translator, resume builder, and more at www.va.gov/careers-employment. 

Career brochures 

Need help with your job search?

Our recruiters can provide personalized support to help you find a position at VA that fits your skills and lifestyle.

Connect with a VA recruiter


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