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Samsung Galaxy S24 screen size rumors for every model

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Samsung is due to launch the Galaxy S24 series phones on January 17 at its first Galaxy Unpacked event of 2024. And the S24 series like the Galaxy S23 series before it, is expected to come in a trio of screen sizes, as well as boast a host of improvements to their CPU, battery, and camera just to name a few.

However, one often overlooked update is improvements to displays. Samsung is known for producing some of the best screens on the market, producing rich saturated colors, sharp detail, and smooth motion. Its focus on screens makes sense as screens are our main point of interaction with our devices.

Nothing is more important than the screen for a smartphone, and panel tech for phones has enjoyed some significant improvements to clarity, brightness, visual quality and refresh rate in recent years. 

As mentioned, the Galaxy S24 family is expected to have a choice of three display sizes, the smallest starting with the standard Galaxy S24, then increasing a little for the Galaxy S24 Plus, and topping out with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. For more details into what to expect from the Galaxy 24 screen sizes and their impact on design, read on. 

Samsung Galaxy S24

A leaked Samsung Galaxy S24 render

(Image credit: Android Headlines)

The brand-new entry-level Galaxy S24 is rumored to use a 6.2-inch screen, which is a modest upgrade on last year’s Galaxy S23.

The previous model packed a 6.1-inch display with the S24 expected to offer slimmer bezels.

The resolution of the base Samsung Galaxy S24 is likely to remain the same at FHD+ or 1080 x 2340, which is still decent quality in 2024.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

A leaked Samsung Galaxy S24/S24 Plus render

(Image credit: Android Headlines)

Another improvement is the Galaxy S24 Plus, which is said to use a respectable 6.7-inch display with reduced bezels framing the screen.


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