July 18, 2024

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Little Yellow Duck Project Marks 10 Years of Promoting Organ Donation

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The Little Yellow Duck Project, an innovative initiative aimed at raising organ donation awareness, celebrates its tenth anniversary in April 2024. Founded in memory of Clare Cruickshank, who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis awaiting an organ transplant, the project has seen around 15,000 yellow rubber ducks placed worldwide to inspire conversations on organ, blood, bone marrow, and tissue donation.

A Legacy of Love and Awareness

Initiated by Clare’s mother, Ann Rowcliffe, and Clare’s friend Emma Harris, the project leverages Clare’s affection for yellow rubber ducks as a medium to spread awareness about the critical need for organ donations. Clare’s story and the subsequent creation of the Little Yellow Duck Project serve as a powerful reminder of the impact organ donation can have. By encouraging people to place ducks in public spaces, each bearing a message on the importance of discussing donation wishes with family, the project has turned a personal tragedy into a global movement for change.

Global Reach and Recognition

As of its tenth anniversary, the project has achieved Clare’s dream of ‘world domination’ to a degree, with ducks found in 96 countries. This global spread not only commemorates Clare’s legacy but also amplifies the message of the importance of organ donation across diverse communities. The project’s website serves as a platform for finders of ducks to register their discovery, learn more about organ donation, and potentially commit to becoming donors themselves, thereby saving lives.

Reflection and Remembrance

The tenth anniversary of the Little Yellow Duck Project is both a celebration of its achievements and a moment of reflection for those who have been part of this journey, especially in light of Emma Harris’s passing prior to the anniversary. Her contributions, alongside Clare’s memory, continue to inspire the project’s ongoing mission. The project stands as a testament to how individual stories can catalyze global movements, encouraging a broader conversation on the lifesaving power of organ donation.

The Little Yellow Duck Project’s decade-long journey from a heartfelt tribute to a global awareness campaign underscores the profound impact of community-driven initiatives in addressing critical health issues. As it enters its next decade, the project aims to continue expanding its reach, inspiring more individuals to consider the gift of life through organ donation.


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