June 14, 2024

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Kentucky, Cincinnati donor affiliates merging as Network for Hope | News

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (KT) – Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates, Inc. (KODA) announced a merger with Cincinnati-based LifeCenter Organ Donor Network (LifeCenter) and will now be known as Network for Hope (NFH).


Officials with both organizations say this historic union marks a significant milestone in the field of organ donation, pooling together the resources, expertise, and dedication of two leading organizations to amplify their impact and save more lives.

The decision to merge and re-brand as Network for Hope stems from a shared vision of enhancing organ donation advocacy and support services throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia. By combining forces, the newly formed Network for Hope will be better positioned to serve more donors, their families, and transplant recipients with compassion, efficiency, and innovation.

Julie Bergin, President and CEO of KODA, stated, “The new brand represents a strategic alignment of values, missions, and resources to expand the mission in our local communities. Both KODA and LifeCenter have long-standing legacies of excellence in organ donation advocacy and procurement. This merger will leverage our collective strengths to expand access to life-saving transplants, increase donor registrations, and foster a culture of donation awareness and support.”

As Network for Hope, the merged organization will continue to prioritize a commitment to honoring the gift of life, empowering communities to make educated decisions about donation, and providing unwavering support to those touched by the gift of organ donation.

“With the unveiling of Network for Hope, we are embracing a strategic move that fully embodies our collaborative efforts to enhance the reach and effectiveness of organ and tissue donation,” said Barry Massa, Executive Director of LifeCenter.

The two groups listed the benefits of the merger:

–Integrated & Enhanced Resources: NFH’s combined operations will improve efficiency and increase the number of donated organs and tissues available for transplantation.

–Expanded Reach: Serving nearly 7 million people across 136 counties in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia, NFH will be able to utilize best practices to impact an even larger community.

–Increased Access: With connections to 164 hospitals and six transplant centers, NFH will facilitate critical organ, eye, and tissue donations more efficiently.

Network for Hope intends to begin operations under its new name this October, when KODA and LifeCenter anticipate completing their merger.


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