July 17, 2024

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FGH’s ‘Wall of Heroes’ honors organ, eye and tissue donors

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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) – Wednesday afternoon, Forrest General Hospital held a dedication ceremony for the new ‘Wall of Heroes’ to honor those who have donated organs, eyes or tissue.

“It’s a way for us to honor those who have given the gift of life here at Forrest General Hospital,” says Hospital Development Coordinator, Joel Stevens.

Partnered with the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency (MORA) and the Mississippi Lion’s Eye Bank, Forrest General was able to make this vision a reality.

The “Wall of Heros” features 41 individuals who have donated life, but FGH leaders say more can be added as new donor families wish to participate.

It also features a monitor with a slideshow highlighting each donor, as well as artwork designed by Forrest General Nurse, Jessica Byrd, RN.

The artwork is of a Magnolia tree with falling leaves and new flower blooms on the tree with a quote that reads:

“The falling leaves represent the selfless gift of life from our donors.

The blooms symbolize the promise of a future for our recipients.

We honor our donors for their selfless last gift – the gift of life.”

“We want to be able to let people understand that the gift of life allows others to be able to live on,” says MORA Community Outreach Coordinator, Belinda Lane. “This is going to be amazing for the families of donors simply because they get to know that their loved one’s life was not in vain, that they went on to do a wonderful thing by giving the ultimate gift.”

Many families were in attendance to catch a glimpse of their loved one flash across the screen.

Charlotte Grayson lost her teenage son, Joseph, in a car wreck in December of 2013. She says Joseph was able to donate tissue that saved many people’s lives across the country.

Charlotte feels this ensures her son and other donors’ memories will stay alive.

“Well, being a mother of a child that’s passed away, one of your greatest fears is that your child will be forgotten,” says Charlotte. “This makes sure that he’s not forgotten. His legacy will be carried on, even if it’s just a picture by an elevator in a hospital, he’s not forgotten.”

The “Wall Of Heroes” is located in the hospital’s central hallway right off of the lobby and next to the main elevators.

If you have a loved one who has donated organs, eyes or tissue at Forrest General Hospital, he or she could be eligible to be featured on the “Wall of Heroes.”

For more information, email Vicki Shoemake from MORA at [email protected].

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